Favorite WMAs to Hunt.

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  • BobaDefett

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    Apr 3, 2022
    I like Lake Ramsey since it's archery only and is under an hour from Metairie. I've gone as far as Tunica HIlls in st. Francisville. There is a small stretch of what is still Maurepas on King George rd near hey 16 by friend settlement that I like. I still haven't made it out to Atchafalaya/Sherburne and would love to hear from people who have. I also hear good things about Thistlethwaite but haven't had any hands-on experience there.


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    Apr 8, 2024
    Big Branch or Pearl River WMA. I grew up only about 20 minutes from Big Branch and have a bunch of memories of roaming those woods. Never killed anything out there but sitting in the woods beats being at home


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    Oct 14, 2020
    Harvey Louisiana
    I wish I knew of a decent one for hunting w/ firearm. The rules are so confusing it's absurd.
    Man I know. I’ve only been deer hunting once and small game a good bit of times but I was fortunate enough to know someone to take me on private land. I’ve been wanting to hunt on my own or with others in Louisiana but it seems to be very confusing without any guidance. I hate to just give up on it so if anyone shares a similar interest and what’s to try to get together to see what we can figure out I’m game.


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    Jan 17, 2024
    French Settlement
    I hunted Sherburne last season for squirrel and deer for the first time. Got my great nephew a nice little 6pt for his first deer, by boat.

    There is a lot of posted signs in areas not depicted on the maps of the WMA. I’m not sure some of those posted signs are legit or not.


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    Apr 18, 2024
    Big branch is great and only 45 minutes from Metairie, there is also some areas where no motorized boats are allowed its trolling motor or paddling in pirogue
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