Fn 502 22 pistol

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  • iomg8

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    Oct 12, 2020
    lafayette, la
    So I did something kinda crazy last week. I have been looking at getting a matching pair of guns for myself and my son when he gets older. Fn just released the fn 502. A 22 LR pistol that is similar to the fn 509 in shape and size.

    I purchased two of them. Didn't even shoot one just picked up both. Saving the second one when my son gets older but took it out and put 300+ rounds in it.

    So the good. It is hammer fire and the trigger is crisper and cleaner than the 509. The 509 has gotten better since I put a few hundred rounds and now getting closer to 2000 rounds.
    It is accurate. And feels like the gun I will be carrying so it will allow me to practice my fundamentals a lot easier. It does have a threaded barrel and a red dot. So will probably at some point add a red dot. It is the same size as the 509 as such it will fit in the same holster too.

    The bad. 2 mags only and one is a 10 rounder and the other is 15. I had 3 maybe 4 failure to feed/chamber not sure if it was the ammo, mag or slide.

    I was using my mark IV for fundamentals but thinking of selling it now and keeping the 502 as the gun for that.

    Pic is the 509 to the left and 502 to the right.


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    Oct 12, 2020
    lafayette, la
    one as well f
    I feel semi bad for buying 2 as people are having a hard time getting them, but I just want to be able to tell my son when he turns 7-8 that we have the same gun, so he gets excited. The small things LOL

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