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  • sgt z

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    Mar 21, 2008
    Hammond, LA
    Long Bow? Recurve? Compound? Hunting? Competition?
    Find what type of archery you want to get involved in before you start spending money. If you can find people involved in archery, you may be able to explore different disciplines before dropping a wad of cash.
    Starting a hobby can be costly and if you lose interest you may never recover that investment cost.
    There is an archery shop close to Hammond on Hwy 51 North. You may want to visit it to start. Archery and Fishing Unlimited. They carry firearms and accessories too.


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    Jan 13, 2019
    Traditional bows are 99% technique. Just get a bow thats in your budget. Recurve/ long bows are simple but effective. Compound bows you need to pay more attention to things like arrow spines, wear on cams and springs ECT. If you do get a compound I recommend having a metal detector when dialing in past 30 yards.

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    Oct 22, 2008
    Denham Springs
    Definitely helps to take an entry level lesson. I think biggest problem is people get stuck on shooting a heavy draw. They have compounds with a wide range of adjustment for draw weight and length of pull. Find a shop that will properly fit you and give you options. One that lets you shoot a few different bows before you purchase.

    drill sgt

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    Oct 19, 2019
    denham springs ,la
    Multible disiplines involved with archery... target be it paper punching or animal targets / hunting / fishing / competion be it paper punching or animal targets / long bow / recurve / compound / finger release / mechanical release / single pin sights / multible pins / magnafied sights / .... arrows are not just arrows but depending on disipline and other factors determine which is the proper arrow to be used....wooden arrows can not stand up to compound bows forces / metal shaft as well as carbon fiber shafts have different spine sizes depending on the draw weight of the bow........ try and find a trusted friend for guideance for help as well as a archery shop with knowledge and willing to help and just not looking to sell equipment that is overpriced and more advanced than your skill level..... good luck and have fun.............. been some time ago when I was heavy into multible forms of compitition indoor / outdoor / as well as hunting......been there and got the t-shirt. .................................... drill sgt.

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