Interest post---Swiss Schmidt-Rubin Rifles

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    Nov 30, 2021
    Denham Springs, Louisiana
    I have a set of Schmidt-Rubins that I am considering selling from my personal collection. I also have an original field kit for them. They are all original, a couple have the P stamp designation meaning the soldier took their rifle home after retirement. I am not selling in this post, just gauging interest. Please contact me for more info.

    K 31-7.5x55 Swiss Manufactured 1941

    1896/11 (P-Stamped) 7.5x55 Swiss Manufactured 1897

    1889 (P-Stamped) 7.5x53.5 Manufactured 1896

    1911 (P-Stamped) 7.5x55 Swiss Manufactured 1917

    I have a ton of pictures of them, and would be more than happy to show them in person. If you have any interest please let me know.


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    Jul 2, 2007
    Check the current pricing before you sell them, Prices are out of sight now, much, much more than you paid. I have several I bought post Katrina for about $75 ea. I just looked at the Simpsons site, and they are asking $500-700 and mid 400 range for 96's and 1911's. I have a 96/11 I got about 15 years ago via a group buy on one of the Swiss rifle forums, that I shot my best ever 100 yard group with iron sights. I have on it and on a 1942 K 31 a Swiss Furter sight, probably worth a lot more than the actual gun. The 1942 is the one that got me interested in the straight pulls, picked it up on a whim at a Tyler Tx gun show. I did some scraping on that beaver chewed stock and got a fantastic piece of flame grain walnut that would today probably be a 6-700 dollar blank.

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