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    Nov 30, 2021
    Denham Springs, Louisiana
    Things have been getting crazy, a lot is going on both business and personal wise.... I am currently waiting on some more primers, and have some lever actions coming in, as well as more handguns and long guns. With the ******** administration threatening our right and freedoms, I have gone ahead and ordered extra 30 and 42rd AR15 mags, and several thousand rounds of 62gr LAP and 55gr FMJ. My prices stay the same, not upcharging like a lot of these dealers are going to do. I watched over 100k rounds disappear from my distributors as I was trying to put in my little order. Remember also, anytime you purchase a gun, ammo is discounted, and if you are a repeat customer, you will have loyalty points you can apply to your purchases as well.

    On a different note, we are seeing our food industry being attacked, the media is trying to keep the cattle deaths quiet, and at the same time blaming heat strokes. Long story short, and I am sure you have already seen the impact at stores, we are going to face a food shortage. Besides guns, my store also handles survival and outdoors equipment. I have been seeing all the survival food kits selling out, emergency living equipment is flying out as well. I have some items in stock to build out survival bags, and still have quite a bit on the website to build your own setup with.

    My point is this, I am a human before I am a businessman. I am here to help as I can, guide you as much as possible (if you need help), and work with you to get what you need. There is a lot of uncertainty ahead, and i do not want to see anyone fall behind. I cannot give all my inventory away for free, but I can help you out with setting up payment plans, and/or helping you decide what you might need most depending on your situation.

    This sounds unorthodox and I am sure several of you think it is a marketing ploy, but just ask some of my repeat customers how much I work with them, and how I help out where I can. There is a reason that I have a 95% or better return customer base. Yall just let me know what you are looking for.

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