Leaking bathtub faucets

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  • WhereIsIt?

    Well-Known Member
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    Sep 30, 2020
    Gretna, La
    I figure this is the right spot for this question.

    I have a bathtub that has three faucets, hot, shower, cold. They all three at one time or another leaked. I took the valves out and replaced everything I could on them. Now when I turn the water off the faucets become real tight and the water will drip. I have to turn it really good for it to stop. It's like it bottoms out before it can completely turn the water off. Should I just buy new valves? Is there something else I should look at?


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    Jan 9, 2008
    City of Central
    An old plumber told me that when you change the rubber washer , back the stem out a turn or two before you screw the stem back in . This keeps you from jamming the washer against the seat when you tighten it down . And yes , the seat could be already damaged . They can be replaced or polished down . I would pull the stem back out and eyeball everything .


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    Sep 30, 2020
    Gretna, La
    Okay so I just looked up what a valve seat is. I've never changed those or even knew they were back there. I will just buy new valves and valve seats. I just hope the old ones come out without stripping them.
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    Jul 28, 2008
    Walker, LA
    the seats are hit and miss on coming out. i've replaced them on a one of mine and the shower valves at my parents house. all but one came out ok. the one that did not ended up requiring an ez-out to get the seat removed. all have worked out well in the end. if you can replace the internals and seats i would do that otherwise your other option is to get inside the wall and remove the old valve bodies and sweat new ones in or whatever connection method you decide to go with. ive had less that great luck sweating new valves into old copper. seems like no matter how well you clean them they are difficult to get right. the next ones i do i will be cutting the copper back and sweating a copper to pex fitting in lower down so i can go pex into the valves. i will be doing both of my bathrooms in the coming year or two so i'll be revisiting all of this before it is said and done. good luck

    Rough Rider

    Dec 25, 2014
    Jefferson Parish
    If you buy new valves you'll get sucky water saving valves. Make double sure the parts you replaced are in fact the correct parts. Are they washers on the end of valve stems? Are they Delta with the tophats? If they are old and the parts you changed are correct, maybe the valve seats are worn. With the correct tool they will unscrew and you can replace them. I regret having a remodler swap my three valve set with a uni-handle. The low water volume sucks.
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