M1 Garand Rifle Match

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  • leeshall

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    Nov 7, 2008
    Suburban NOLA
    A rifle match for competitors shooting the M1 Garand rifle is scheduled for Sunday 15MAY2022 at the St. Bernard Pistol and Rifle Range. This will be the 50 shot National Match course of fire. A sight in period will precede the match. The match will be fired at 200yds on the SR target.
    After the sight in period, the match will consist of:
    10 shots standing, offhand, slow fire, single load with a time limit of 10 minutes.
    * Note: the rifle sling may NOT be used in standing to help steady the rifle.
    10 shots sitting or kneeling rapid fire with a time limit of 73 seconds. Shooters will fire 2 shots then reload and fire their remaining 8 shots within the time limit. The rifle sling MAY be used to steady the rifle during this phase of the match.
    10 shots prone rapid fire with a time limit of 83 seconds. Shooters will fire 2 shots then reload and fire their remaining 8 shots within the time limit. The rifle sling may be used during this phase of the match.
    20 shots prone slow fire, single load with a time limit of 20 minutes. The sling may be used in this phase of the match.
    Targets will be scored and repaired after each phase so please bring a supply of target pasters and a staple gun.
    The range has port-a-potties but no running water so please bring hand sanitizer for your use.
    Eye and ear protection is MANDATORY. Bring your own water to stay hydrated.
    Because of the current ammunition shortages, a very limited supply of Garand friendly USGI M2 Ball ammunition will be available to competitors for use in this match at a discounted price. Shooters are encouraged to bring their own Garand safe ammunition.
    The range is located in St. Bernard Parish behind Richards RV Park, 350 Bayou Road, St. Bernard (Poydras), LA 70085. Take the road along side the RV park all the way to the back over the old RR tracks to the range entrance. 10MPH MAX PLEASE. Sighters will commence at 0900 so get there early enough to get registered and set up targets and your firing position.
    Shooters using rifles other than the M1 Garand will be allowed to compete if space is available but will not be eligible for prizes. The match entry fee is $10.
    So clean and lube that old war club M1 you haven't shot in a while and bring it to the range on the 15th for some exercise.
    Hope to see you there!


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    Jan 4, 2011
    Paulina, La.
    I used to be a member of the Club (St. Bernard Pistol & Rifle Range, Inc) some years back when Murvyn Hymel was the Club Accountant. I still have the letter he sent to my Captain when I shot a perfect score in the Police Pistol Match, which he stated was the first time it was ever done at that Range.

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