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  • Magdump

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    Dec 31, 2013
    Hammond, Louisiana
    Not sure how long it’s actually been out, but here it is. The shotgun touted to cycle all cartridges 3 inches and under. If you ask me, they should have gone for the 3.5 inch as well, because as far as I’m concerned, the Stevens 320 security already beat them to the punch. Mine has yet to fail to cycle and fire any round I’ve loaded in it, short or not.

    I already had the opportunity to discuss the pros and cons and argue them out with a couple of shooting buddies recently, and we all came to the same conclusions:
    Let’s face it, unless you’re delusional, having the ability to shoot the short shells is primarily a convenience and definitely not a tactical advantage. I’ve fired plenty of short shells and I have to admit, while they do go bang and they do a degree of damage downrange, they are also terribly lacking compared to a standard, run of the mill 2.75 inch buckshot or slug. The payload is significantly less and the velocity is also significantly less. Even the slugs are anemic compared to the lightest recoil standard size. A smart man would simply hone his loading skills.
    I don’t buy the argument of more potential hits either. More times than not, a single on target hit from a full power load of buck will take a bad guy out of the fight. I do not believe that to be the case with the short anemic loads and I’m not willing to take my chances, even if I can’t keep 5 or 6 more rounds with the gun for whatever reason. Knowing I’m likely going to have to score multiple hits on multiple targets kinda negates the sole reason for grabbing up a shotty in the first place in my opinion.
    So, fun day at the range, advantage when loaded up for varmints, etc. Definitely better on the shoulder for a full day of target shooting. 12-15 rounds in the tube of a standard pump gun seems like a fun deal, but I wouldn’t bet my security on it.

    All that said, I wouldn’t mind having one. Simply because it has the ability to cycle and fire 3 sizes of 12ga and I can’t find anything negative about that. Also because I have a nice stash of short shells.


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