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    Sep 12, 2006
    Slidell, LA / NOLA
    This is very important. Personal attacks will NOT be tolerated. We can have civil discourse. You can say that people's view are warped, but when you get into personal attacks on here it won't be tolerated. I WILL ban you over them. I don't care if you say that If someone has been brainwashed over some politics. I don't care if you think someone is crazy for voting one way. But when you delve into outright hateful personal attacks on someone you are inviting what comes next, banning. As you know, I've banned very few people, but at some point the line has to be drawn. Your 1A is cherished here and don't think it's not, but we are adults and should act like it. If you can't, you'll be given a period of time to think about it.

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