Polymer 80/ 80% Lowers

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  • sitattle

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    Jan 14, 2024
    Baton Rouge/ New Orleans
    I have a couple 80% lowers, PF940C or mock 19's. They have yet to be tampered with in anyway shape or form. They haven't been drilled out or serialized. Legally speaking, what would be the best way to sell them? I would prefer not serializing them but I will if I have to.


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    Dec 28, 2015
    Baton Rouge, LA
    If I'm not mistaken, pieces of plastic that resemble firearms are legal to sell as long as you don't include the tools/jigs to readily convert it into a handgun. At least I think that's the latest ruling. As long as I'm right about that, list them in the parts section of the marketplace. And if you have other parts or tools or jigs, list them in a separate post. If I'm wrong about the current ruling, disregard what I just said.
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