Questions about 2012 LSA Annual Membership Meeting

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  • sraacke

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    Jan 19, 2009
    St. Gabriel
    I just got my post card in the mail for the 2012 LSA Annual Membership Meeting at Cabela's on Febuary 26.
    I missed it last year but plan on being there this year. I see last year the meeting went just over 3 hours. With that in mind I plan on being there until at least 1pm. Does that sound about right? Other questions I have are, Is there an agenda posted anywhere so those of us attending can know what to expect? I looked on the LSA website and didn't see anything. If there is an issue that a member would like to discuss at the meeting, such as some legislative stuff, how should we bring that up in the meeting? Should we submit our ideas or concerns ahead of time to get them on the agenda?
    How many people are expected to attend?
    How do we find out who is running for election, who they are and what they do for LSA currently? After last years meeting Dan posted ...
    Spanky is on the board. Chaser and Ritten are alternate board members. Pangris, BKliebert, Mike308 and Danny were re-elected. Of the 15 board members and 2 alternates, only 6 are not BS members. All of the officers are BS members.
    While I've been a Bayou Shooter member for a while now and have attended some USPSA matches where I might have met some, frankly except for Spanky I am not sure if I could put a face and real name with any forum/screenname above.
    I'd love to be more active and supportive in LSA but I feel I've not kept up with much of what's been going on even after reading the bimonthly newsletters.

    Steve Raacke
    LSA member 3424


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    Mar 14, 2009
    Gonzales, LA
    1:00 would be about right.

    You might try emailing Dan as he may not have seen your post. There is a format that is followed, but Dan should be able to tell you how/if you can add to it.

    I was elected as an alternate last year, but will be running for a full directorship this year and as to what I have done-
    1- Complied a list of all the shooting ranges in Louisiana that offer membership free venues or have competitions open to the public. You can access it on the LSA website.
    2- Co-created and am co-Match Director for the Field Precision Rifle matches at Palo Alto
    3- Took over as co-Match Director for the Mid-Range Prone/600 yard matches at Palo Alto.

    To help folks identify the Board, we will be wearing khaki colored shirts with the LSA logo on the left pocket side.

    Hope to see you there.



    D.R. 1827; HM; P100x3
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    Mar 2, 2008
    Rick is correct. I just saw this thread.

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