Reloaders*Bullets for sale. Today 7mm .284"

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  • DBMJR1

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    Jul 27, 2008
    New Orleans, La.
    OK Reloaders, get out your check books.

    I have taken the Midway Catalog price, figured the price per round, and multiplied by the number of rounds left in the box. I then subtracted 20%.

    Barnes 140 gr. XBT. 26 Bullets for $14.14

    Hawk Precision Bullets. 160 gr. 50 Bullets for $15.00
    *Note: These bullets are soft point, and have some light frost on the lead tips of some of them.

    **Note: I was unable to find a catolog price, or a price online, so I just priced them to move.

    Hornady 162 gr. BTSP 59 Bullets for $11.79

    Hornady 139 gr. SP 5 Bullets $0.92:D

    Nosler 175 gr. Partition 12 Bullets for $6.14 ****Sold Pending****

    Nosler 140 gr. Partition 17 Bullets for $8.15 ****Sold Pending****

    Nosler 140 gr. Ballistic Tip 39 Bullets for $10.60 ****Sold Pending****

    Nosler 140 gr. Ballistic Tip 79 Bullets for $21.47 ****Sold Pending****

    Speer 160 gr. BT 48 Bullets for $11.52

    I will ship either USPS, or UPS, at your request, and your expense. No extra charge.

    You can also pick them up at my workplace in Harvey, during business hours.

    I will accept any convenient method of payment using paper. No credit cards, no PayPal, or any other electronic means.

    Thank You

    Next up .270. Stay tuned.:D
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