SOLD: Ruger TakeDown 10/22 w/ Tapco Intrafuse Stock...Yup you read that right...Pic Heavy.

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  • Jasarii

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    Jan 3, 2013
    Walker, LA

    Edit- I will add 100rds of ammo to get you started ;-)

    I purchased this Ruger 10/22 Takedown Model on 5/31/2013 from Academy (I own a few 10/22's, but bought this as a project rifle). The goal was to take a NEW one piece Tapco Intrafuse Stock and mod it to fit the Ruger TakeDown Model. This can be done with a basic drill/dremmel, but will not come out very clean/professional looking. I was lucky enough to have an expert help me make the mod step by step with superior tools (He owns a work working shop) and it came out beautiful and functions just like the factory stock. I know of only one other person that I have seen making these stocks, and I believe he was/is currently selling them on ebay for $169.
    I completed the stock on Saturday, and took the unfired rifle out to range today and put 25rds of CCI .22LR through her. Rifle shoots smooth, looks great and functioned flawlessly. Iron sights can be used with Rail off and using the angled stock tube. The Ruger rail included allows you to add your favorite optic.

    I have the original receipt (as seen below) and NOT looking to gouge any of my fellow BS members. I paid $381 out the door at Academy and $100 on the Tapco stock.

    Will sell here on Bayou Shooter for:
    -Stock TakeDown Rifle with Factory Stock $380 (Includes Receipt, Box, Carry Bag, Manual, Stock Ruger 10rd mag, Rail, and other stock goodies).
    -Add New Modiified Tapco Intrafuse Stock for additional $100. (Stock includes angled tube & straight tube). These are going for $169 on Ebay.
    ***BX-25 Magazine Not Included***

    FTF in the Walker/Denham area. ONLY trade I'd consider would be a Like new condition Glock 19.

    Now for Pics/short vid:

    Video HERE of the Modified TakeDown Tapco Stock


    Stock Rifle:

    Tapco Intrafuse Stock:









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