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  • DaggerBlade

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    Jan 26, 2015
    Baton Rouge LA
    A friend sent me this picture. The gun was in the nightstand and was apparently laying on something that caused the safety and the grip safety to rust. There is no rust on the other side. Looking for recommendations on how to safely remove the rust without causing more damage.
    1911 Rust.jpeg
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    May 9, 2011
    Baton Rouge, LA
    Looks like surface rust. Might have a little pitting. Oil and rub, repeat. Fortunately those parts a easily replaceable if he wants to make it look new.
    I second the suggestion of replacing these parts with new stainless parts. If that's not in the cards, I have a stainless steel rust removing thing I purchased from somewhere decades ago that is similar to this:

    Soak the parts in your best cleaning oil for a while, and lightly rub with the stainless 'sponge' a couple of times. Rinse, repeat. Will remove most of the rust and clean it up, though with the way these parts look, you'll likely have bare spots with no finish. Cheap bluing pen might take care of the bare spots, and it's easy to try.


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    Dec 31, 2013
    Hammond, Louisiana
    Spray and let soak overnight then wipe with soaked cloth. If there’s any pitting at all, there is no rust removal that will fix that.
    I think at worst the parts will need a re-blu.
    There’s also white vinegar, but that will remove bluing.
    I have a lot of confidence in Brownell’s Phos-blue paste. Especially for small parts. Degrease with acetone and heat the parts in the oven on low and do your work on a foil covered tin.
    On a serious note, the pistol needs to be completely disassembled at this point and inspected. Small springs and internals can definitely be affected if there’s rust on the outside. It looks like a summer carry gun that got put up wet. When you sweat on a pistol and fail to spray a little barricade or other light oil and wipe it down, you can expect this.


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    Feb 18, 2013
    Jefferson Parish
    "Penny Method" (sending you to the interweb) with Rem oil will remove the rust from those parts. Use some painters tape to seal and protect any part(s) you're not working on at the moment. Treat each piece separately. Take your time.

    Bad news is there's no possibility of a "like new OEM finish" after you're removed the rust due to the degradation of the metal surface. Because it's now (and forever will be) a metal surface that's been chomped on by oxidation those parts will have to be replaced for it to look brand new again.


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    Feb 20, 2013
    Baton Rouge, LA.
    Turtle Wax Chrome Polish and Rust Remover !
    Follow the directions on the bottle .
    I used it to clean all the rust from the model 58 S&W in my avatar ... it looked like a lost cause ... But ...the finish cleaned up so well by using the Turtle Wax Rust Remover , I didn't have to have the gun refinished .
    It turned out quite well ... you should try it .


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    Mar 2, 2008
    An old gunsmith trick, take one of those coarse erasers that you used to see in schoolrooms. The big flat ones that are beveled on each end. Simply rub just on the rust and it will come off without doing any additional harm to the blueing. Of course, oil afterward.
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