South Louisiana High Power Club High Power/F Class Match February 25, 2024

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  • MikeBurke

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    Jan 3, 2017
    Delcambre, LA
    Come join us at the Ascension Sheriff's Range Sunday, February 25th, for our regular monthly match.
    It will be sunny and a high of 76!!! Perfect weather for a day at the range

    Registration will begin at 7:30.
    Targets need to be setup by 8:30.
    Safety brief will begin at 8:40.
    First shot at 9:00.
    The Across the course match is sanctioned by the NRA. Scores will be turned in to the NRA.
    The course of fire is the National Match Course which consists of 50 shots for record and two sighters at each stage.
    Slow Fire Standing 10 shots in 10 minutes 200 yards SR Target
    Rapid fire Sitting 10 shots in 60 seconds 200 yards SR Target
    Rapid Fire Prone 10 shots in 70 seconds 200 yards SR-42 Target
    Slow Fire Prone 20 shots in 20 minutes 200 yards MR-52 target
    After the 50 shot-match we will hold the F-Class/prone match. This will start around noon, if you are shooting this match only, please arrive at 11:30. The match is shot at 300 yards. You can take up to 5 shots for sighters and there are 15 rounds for record. The record rounds must be fired in a 15-minute period. This match is shot prone and you can use a sling, bipod, or rest for support. Just about any rifle up to .35 caliber is legal, unfortunately the rules do not allow for muzzle brakes. Flash suppressors are fine as are suppressors. Entry fee is only a couple of dollars and you can find out how you and your rifle perform at 300 yards. NRA rules now allow suppressors in the tactical class.
    We will also hold a clinic for prone shooting that will cover both the rapid and slow fire stages. There will be no charge for the clinic. Registration will be after the Across the course match. I am expecting it to last around an hour and a half and will include classroom time and live fire. Have at least 25 rounds to fire.

    SLHP Prone Clinic 2024-02-25
    1 General Discussion
    2 Organization
    3 Position and NPA
    4 Sighters
    5 Shot Process
    6 Live fire

    Mike Burke
    South Louisiana High Power Club
    President/Match Director

    South Louisiana High Power Club promotes marksmanship and the safe use of firearms through High Power Rifle competition.


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    Jan 3, 2017
    Delcambre, LA
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