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  • spanky

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    Sep 12, 2006
    Gonzales, LA
    6/10 - Baton Rouge (Precision).

    Went to do some live fire practice which I, unfortunately, much never do much of due to a number of things.

    I brought my G19, G34, Edge & S&W 642.

    Shot about 100-150 rounds with each of the autoloaders on the plate rack to warm up. I think it's no surprise that I did progressively better with the 34 than the 19 and the Edge than the 34.

    Then I went to the other side and shot on paper. Started out with some dot transition drills and walkback. I realized on the walkback that I was drifting shots left with my weak hand. I adjusted my trigger finger and grip and got them back on.

    I then shot the Dot Torture with the 19, 34 and Edge. I dropped two with the 19, one with the 34 and zero with the edge.

    After that I had 45 rounds of .40 left (I had to buy a box at precision to finish dot torture with the edge). I sent an IPSC target out to the end (45 feet?) and shot it reasonably fast. Not blazing fast but pretty much as quick as I could get back on the sights. There were a couple guys to the right of me "teaching" this girl how to shoot so I stopped shooting a few times when they were talking out of courtesy. Anyway, all said and done there were 2 D, 3 C and 40 A on the target.


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    Sep 12, 2006
    Gonzales, LA
    6/13/10 - Poplarville

    Temp - Approximately 11ty Hundred Degrees

    Division - Limited

    Results - 3rd Limited (12 total), two stage wins and 10th overall (36 total).

    Classifier was Classifier CM09-04 - Pucker Factor (Link)

    Drew to the far target and worked my way in. Down 4 pts (2 B, 2 C) @ 4.59 Sec = 7.8431 HF.

    It was hot as **** and I felt like the heat was really effecting my performance but, ironically, the last two stages we shot I came out 1st Limited.

    The other 3 were all simply state planning mistakes. PPPPPP and all that. On one of the stages I didn't get the kind of walkthrough I would have liked and was just too slow. On another, I picked a spot that seemed more advantageous to engage an array of targets but it put me at an odd angle on a steel plate that subsequently ate my lunch. On stage 3 I had a decent plan but two many shots on steel left me with a standing empty chamber reload.

    More stuff to improve upon.

    Next week is EAPS. Not sure if I'll shoot Limited or Production but probably Production so I can bring my Edge to Daniel to swap out the front sight, "fix" the ambidextrous safety and swap out the trigger bar.


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    Jan 20, 2008
    You're scaring me bro. You talk about that edge with starry eyes. Don't succumb to the 1911 kool aid :D

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