TR Imports Silver Eagle XT3 .410 semi auto.

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  • NickelPython357

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    Mar 2, 2013
    Baton Rouge, La.
    A friend just bought one BNIB but with only one mag. He bought 3 more mags directly from their website and they did have a disclaimer stating they would only fit later models in a certain serial number range. According to the only number I can find on his gun it would seem to be in the correct range but it is a different format of numbering so maybe not as the mags will not fit. Does anyone have any info on this shotty? I would like to know for certain exactly where the serial number is for one. Apparently mags are very hard to find, almost every place was out of stock and information on the web is very scarce. Very cool gun otherwise light and easy to handle with 5 + 1 and a quick mag change to reload makes it great for home defense.


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    Oct 14, 2020
    Harvey Louisiana
    It’s a typical run of the mil Turkish shotgun it looks like. You can expect 0 customer service and information available to be next to none. My advice would be to try any call TR imports. I googled them and they come right up. They are importers out of Texas. See if they even have any information on them and if so what. All of these Turkish shotguns come from the same 2 or 3 factories mass producing them. You may be able to find that exact gun being sold by a different company under a different name.

    In my experience with Turkish shotguns, they look amazing but are built like crap. They come come with some really cool features geared towards self defense but they typically don’t hold up and are not built well at all. Most of them kill theirselves somehow or another after a couple hundred shells or so. Turkish shotguns remind me of pro mag. A ton of potential but very poor QQ/QA.

    Now Turkish pistols on the other hand, they are typically a real value. Canik being the most popular has established itself in the US and has decent customer service.

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