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  • Snuffman

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    Aug 28, 2022
    Central, LA
    Range USA on Millerville in Baton Rouge has a Lady’s only instruction every second Saturday of the month at 8:30am. I believe there is a $6.00 fee that is good for a year. Otherwise it is free. Just bring a handgun, ammo, eyes and ears.


    Madame Mayor's Fiefdom
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    Jul 27, 2008
    New Orleans, La.
    Years ago taught wife to shoot a pistol with a Ruger Blackhawk 357 magnum.. with my back turned and blocking her view using light 38 reloads / 38 full loads / 357 light loads as well as 357 full loads. ....... the trick was mixing the different loads and maybe skipping one or two cylinder holes each time loading ....that way she had no idea if hammer would fall on a live round or a empty hole.... that showed if she was flinching/jerking/pushing when she pulled the trigger... And yes it worked. ............................................. drill sgt.
    Please, Dear God No.

    This is how to alienate new shooters quickly.

    I like to teach new shooters. I start with a suppressed .22 rifle. Single shot. Then a repeater. Then a semi-auto.
    Then a semi-auto pistol.
    All suppressed.
    Builds their confidence.

    Then I hand them the .45-70 Derringer.

    southerncanuck | Ask me about flashlights!
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    Dec 3, 2019
    New Orleans
    First thing to ask is whether she actually wants to learn. I mean actually... not just a husband trying to share his enthusiasm for a hobby or passion for self-defense. If she doesn't want to learn or truly doesn't care, I wouldn't try to force it.

    That said, even if she could give a **** about guns, an entry-level training course will very much demystify things for her. Guns are pretty scary for people that don't understand how they work, so you could absolutely make a case for learning safety basics even if she doesn't want to shoot.

    Second thing is that most dudes with guns assume they're therefore gun teachers. This is very much false. The evidence? She's "terrified" of firing a round, and has a panic after one round of .380. That's not a shot against you personally, it's just the reality of things as you've explained them here. She needs quality education from a trained instructor. Like or lump the NRA, their basic pistol class is really good for new shooters. And don't go with her -- send her on her own or with a friend.

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