What is the best pistol and rifle range near NOLA

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  • cdaniel76

    Honey Island Range Ofcr.
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    May 12, 2011
    Covington, LA
    I've always loved Honey Island. It's only open Friday-Sunday. It has a 100-yard rifle and Shot Gun. A .22 plinking station, multiple paper and plinking for handguns, they also have a pretty nice archery range that is free of charge. Best of all they let me bring my son with me. I've had him out there shooting since he was 4. I can't think of another range that lets children that young out. Also, It's 7 bucks for the day.
    Thanks for the kind words for Honey Island. I just need to clarify one thing. The archery range is not free. Our $6 all-day price gets you access to all our firing lines, including the archery line.

    Also, while we do not have a minimum age limit on children, we do require that shooters who bring young children be in control of them 100% of the time. Or have someone else with them that can watch the children while you're shooting and you can swap in an out as desired. Basically, as long as the children aren't running up and down the firing line and can remain calm on the benches behind the red line if they're not shooting with your supervision, not only do we not have a problem with it, we highly encourage shooters to bring their children to introduce them to shooting sports. Be sure to remember to bring kid-sized hearing and eye protection as well.


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    Apr 29, 2022
    Well, not to toot my own horn, but the best range in Louisiana is mine. Cut Off Range Complex. An hour from New Orleans, 800 yard rifle, 50 yard pistol, real bathrooms, concrete parking lots, fantastic concrete shooting benches, tons of steel targets, friendly staff, cool gun shop with ammo and paper targets for sale. It’s pretty cool. Also great restaurants in the area.

    Machine gun rentals coming soon. Already have an MP5 and MP5K. Adding a P90 this week, and waiting for my jig to come in for a few full auto ARs.

    Check us out at www.cutoffrange.com and please like and follow @cutoffrange on IG and FB.

    Lots more coming there. I just bought it nine days before the hurricane and have already spent well over $100k getting it squared away. It’s a labor of love for me. Previous owner closed it and I couldn’t watch it waste away. Next additions will be some PRS barriers to shoot from. Waiting on my tank trap knuckle right now.

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    Glad you responded here. Only reason I haven't bought a 6.5 cm is because I couldn't find a range that was long enough to practice with it.


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    Feb 15, 2021
    Covington, Louisiana
    Glad you responded here. Only reason I haven't bought a 6.5 cm is because I couldn't find a range that was long enough to practice with it.
    The steel plates at 800 yards are really cool to watch hits on.

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