Where to find correct Rhodesian paint?

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  • 91Foxtrot

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    I am trying to find the correct paint for the Rhodesian FAL camo and I haven't had any luck. I have found the paint codes for the DuPont Centari line but nobody seems to be able to find the code in their computer. Does anybody know of a local or online retailer that would carry old DuPont paint brands or a place that can possibly enter old paint codes? I don't have any parts that have old paint otherwise I could have the color scanned.


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    Mar 15, 2011
    Prairieville, LA
    but nobody seems to be able to find the code in their computer.
    Sounds like you're dealing with the local Laffy DuPont store :rolleyes:

    We discontinued the Centari paint line about 5 years ago.

    Give me a list of the paint codes that you have.
    I might be able to cross them to another DuPont product.

    Actually, just Googled it:
    I used DuPont Centari paint with the paint codes from NHBandit.

    Dark Forest Green: DS166A
    Mustard Yellow "Babyshit": YS432A

    The "A" suffix designates Centari paint.
    Just leave off the "A" and that's your paint code.

    Dark Forest Green: DS166
    Mustard Yellow "Babyshit": YS432

    You can mix those paints in just about any product line that DuPont sells.

    Nason Fulthane Urethane Single Stage - This is what I would recommend.
    Nason Fulthane Basecoat - needs to be clearcoated or catalyzed for durability
    Nason Fastdry Enamel - not very durable with solvents
    Chromabase Basecoat
    Chromabase Single Stage

    Are those the paint codes that you have?

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