Why Louisiana stays poor

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  • Magdump

    Don’t troll me bro!
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    Dec 31, 2013
    Hammond, Louisiana
    Ever hear someone talk about how our politicians have sold us out for decades? With all the industry and production we have here. Oil/petroleum products, natural gas, chemical production, shipping, intercostal waterway access, (and the list goes on) our politicians have allowed major industry leaders to skate on paying taxes they would ordinarily pay in any other state, shorting our state to line their own pockets. The boards of people who hold the keys, elected officials who sign the papers and make the decisions and make the under the table deals…
    Having a family member that was up the chain in Louisiana politics during the days of the Long family, I learned the truth as a child and I mean the gospel truth from a man who sat at the tables and rubbed shoulders with those who accepted the payoffs and other palm greasing, pocket lining, bribing cons to bring and keep industry here on the cheap. The cost to our state has been great and with very little compensation for the damage that has been caused through pollution and wrecking lands. In fact the only people who benefit from the deals are the industrial leaders and the politicians they pay off. Some will say “but they employ a lot of people”, but think nothing of the increased cancer rates here and again, the damage to our environment for zero compensation.
    This video may or may not be an eye opener. But it’s a good resource if you ever wondered what people mean when they say we’ve been sold out.



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    May 16, 2022
    Castle Doctrine
    My career is in the oilfield but I have zero knowledge of the contents of this post. I'll be checking out that video shortly.

    I make pretty good money but this industry can be "feast or famine" for many.
    This industry has taught me that, while the feast is occurring, invest in other ways to generate income.
    Do not rely solely upon this necessary industry as the means to build and maintain your life.


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    May 16, 2022
    Castle Doctrine
    One major detail to always consider regarding human health is the diet each chooses for themselves (and what they feed their kids if they have).

    I have seen SO MANY people with absolute garbage diets and many of them are morbid over-eaters as well.


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    Mar 12, 2013
    Could be one of those Urban Legends, but for decades I'd heard stories about Disney looking here first when they wanted to open a second site, and were finally turned off on the place when every local two-bit robber baron wanted his cut. As a born-and-raised Louisianian, I have to admit that when we get riled, seems all they have to do is fire up the brass bands and serve up the Po-Boys and suds and we forget all about it. Oh, and of course, sports.


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    May 15, 2014
    Slidell La
    Makes perfect sense for this state, Tax the crap out of residents and keep large companies safe, here and stuffing politicians pockets.
    Cry about wanting / needing more tax dollars, well hell just squeeze the tax paying residents more on their home millage taxes and raise the parish taxes.
    Not sure there is more than 1% of people that ever ran for political positions with a pure heart to actually make a good difference for the people they represent.
    Instead its get into office and make a career out of climbing the swamp chain no matter how many folks you screw.

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