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      Mossberg Shockwave Reviews

      You use a magnet to keep them on your backpack until you need to open certain doors. Cheaper than a locksmith.
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      Another Baton Rouge Fugitive Removed.

      Sounds like the opposite of the policy that fixed New York.
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      LSU student murdered in her car in Baton Rouge.

      The government didn’t make their parents commit crimes. I think you need to read the FBI violent crime statistics.
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      LSU student murdered in her car in Baton Rouge.

      Is the 37,500 also a bounty? Lol Saddle up! I hope USMS starts kicking doors and the nat guard starts flying over for ISR assists again. We are a HIDTA after all.
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      LSU student murdered in her car in Baton Rouge.

      We witnessed the mass exodus after sterling and the loss of a decent chief. I feel like it’s a mix of money and support/ not being afraid your own are out to get you constantly.
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      LSU student murdered in her car in Baton Rouge.

      TBG /4KT member killed in sherwood last night.
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      LSU student murdered in her car in Baton Rouge.

      We should just do like Illinois and legalize drug dealing, robbery and other racist crimes. If you legalize it, the crime rate will drop.
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      LSU student murdered in her car in Baton Rouge.

      TBG BBG 4KT NBA That’s a place to start sweeping. This isn’t about liberty. It’s about values. Family and impulse control vs Fast money and hoes. #Culture
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      50 Firearms & 10,000 Rounds Seized in Louisiana Drug Bust.

      If you’re like me this is the only reason you click the link anyway.
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      Where has all the training gone?

      Took a couple years worth of classes with VATA and Advantage Group and now looking for more local training. Nothing like learning and meeting “fellow firearms enthusiasts” in the Louisiana heat. Preferably carbine/long gun stuff. Thanks, Frank
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      Louisiana Constitutional Carry Bills Pass.

      Half of Baton Rouge’s shootings aren’t reported in the news because these teens usually wound their enemies. If you don’t think it’s a war zone out there then you are blind. Things have gotten worse. All these Instagram beefs between small time rap groups that are intermingled in drug dealing...
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      Ham Radio info?? Anyone have any experience using NVIS type antenna and JS8 Call? Was thinking it would be superior to VHF/UHF for near area communication since it doesn’t require any infrastructure. Might be easier to say that goal is ability to communicate...
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      Modlite Systems

      OKW all the things. Modbutton is great. Modlite 850IR for illuminating the whole neighborhood under nods.
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      Baton Rouge Gang Violence

      If there isn’t a task force currently for these groups then I don’t have much fair in our current administration. There is a subreddit called : DaDumbWay where you can see snippets of the actions and beef. It’s crazy when you realize that a large percentage of the violence in BR area is from...
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