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    • The EOTech is in perfect working order and I'd classify it as like new. I had gotten it several years ago and have been waiting to build an AR for it to go on for my youngest son (in fact, I ultimately built an AR for my wife and for each of my three children). Plans don't always go as you want and my family likes to experiment. This EOTech was on the AR when I presented it to youngest son, and he tried about 50 rounds and then swapped the EOTech back for a scope, wanting the magnification more than the red dot, and not wanting to spring for an add-on magnifier.

      Now my wife has changed to a C-More, and oldest son has changed to an Acog (guess who's been paying - birthdays and Christmas have been interesting), and I've found myself with a total of three EOTechs that we are not using. Money's tight, I got them at a good price, and I'd rather swap for a new toy than to go thru the hassle of selling, then finding those things I want.

      There aren't any PF-9's in stock locally, nor any Ruger MK II's (only reason I want a MK II is that I've got a bunch of magazines for one). I haven't tried the PF-9, nor even handled one. I just like the look and like the ability to have a 9mm where normally only a .380 would be in this size. I understand that there some appreciable recoil in such a light pistol. Even though I have a C&R license, all modern firearms have to go thru a local dealer and they generally want $35 added on to every order, so I'd rather swap than pay extra to a dealer.

      Tell me about your PF-9. Is it blue, stainless, color of the handgrips, any extra magazines, trigger shoe, does it have the 10 lb trigger spring or the 8 1/2 lb spring?

      In all fairness, I'd like to wait a couple of more days before making a decision. My name is Ernie, and my cell is (318) 308-7595 if you have any more questions.
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