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  • Tantrix
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    • Tantrix, I have a M&P Pro with over 15K rounds on mine since its my primary competition pistol, would love to have another for backup.

      With that said, I have a mint condition Kahr Arms P9 Covert, these are highly collectable models that were replaced with the cheaper to produce Pm9. The gun functions flawlessly and was came factory with a trigger job, trigger polish and ramp throat job from Cylinder and Slide. I have 2 - 6 rd magazines, no box no papers. These guns sold for $700 new and now are hard to find, thats not figuring in the extra work done from the factory. I would consider an even swap.
      Dude, that cottonmouth thread was awesome! Much respect to someone with those snake handling skills. I tend to agree with your take on being aware of snakes versus just killing them off for the hell of it. However, I have a 3 1/2 year old who doesn't yet know that he should give some snakes the utmost respect and stay away from them. I have little doubt that one day he will be handling them as you do, but in the mean time I have a responsibility to keep him alive long enough to learn.
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