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    • Hey how is the archery thing going for ya? I have a target and up to 60yds of shooting space on side of my house if you're ever in denham springs. I shoot my compound bow daily so....
      hi Jonathan;

      this is ray from b.r., ruger p95 ray. if you should ever run into a ruger 10/22 that is totally ragged out, barrel rusted out, stock been through a wood chipper and is for sale pls. contact.


      The pending deal never went through. Let me know if you're still interested in the folding stock. If so, I can probably meet you sometime Sunday.
      Hey, got your text last night, If you should run across a nice compact .40 I would consider trading the S&W 908. I guess I am addicted to compacts.

      Hey Jonathan sorry couldn't get back to you sooner I've been at work and yes I do want the ammo, but the golden sabers and 1 box hs's only funds won't allow getting all like I thought sorry didn't want to mislead another thing you think you can wait till Friday ? It's for sure Friday I'm coming off being unemployed for 3 months but I didn't want to pass this up ,if you can't I understand
      Hey cujo if you got a sec. You think you could look at my scope post and tell me how the pics look and you think its ok had trouble loading them b/c I'm using my phone
      BTW you got any news on your issue?
      Good luck bro I hope you resolve it , go talk to them in person
      Squeaky wheel gets the grease ! Remember its a police dept.
      In reference to the expungement you say that your charges still come up, correct?
      And you are a concealed handgun permit instructor, correct?
      Where those charges an issue when you were going thru the process? I wouldn't think since you are a chp instructor then they probably won't be an issue for the pd
      I would need that plus 150 your way to make it happen on my end

      Thanks for the offer
      Well I was gonna take the 400.00's and just get a cheap peavey windsor, the whole stack is 450.00!!! Im just looking to play loud with my distortion pedals. Just a loud solid state would be fine. Im not a touring musician, I just want to start jamming again, and need to start practicing. Ive been jamming since I was 15 but its been a few years.
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