SOLD: NOPD Police Surplus Glock 22, Gen 3, Caliber 40 S&W

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    May 20, 2013
    New Orleans area
    Up for grabs, a New Orleans Police Department Glock 22, in 40 Smith & Wesson
    * Purchased from Barney’s through their buyback program
    * NOPD Rollmark on ejection port side of slide
    * Serial numbers on frame, slide, and barrel match.
    * Includes a 40 > 9mm conversion barrel (the high polished stainless one in the photos)
    * Includes 3 magazines, which are surprisingly still functional.
    * Condition is polcie surplus, but not half bad.
    * Talon grip tape is removable

    Photos here

    *** No Cash Offers Please***

    Trade for:
    • Prelock S&W revolvers 22, 38, 357. Airweight hammerless in 38, or a medium frame 22/357 with a four inch barrel or less.
    • Steel/alloy frame 9mm/22 pistols. Colt Woodsman, Browning Hi Power (not the remake) etc. Compact CZ SA 9mm and 22LR counterpart. Ruger Mk4 etc. Threaded barrel on new firearms is a must.
    • Weird 22 pistols like the S&W 422 series.
    • Collectible military/police pistols, e.g. a Sig P6 or Browning Hi Power
    • Interesting 22 rifles. Browning Takedown or similar.
    • Belgian Browning rifles.
    • Other firearms substantially similar to the above that I may have forgotten about or never heard of. Weird but shootable firearms welcome.

    Trade in person with signed bill of sale and proof of Louisiana residency. Metro New Orleans area. Permit preferred.

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