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      Gunbroker Rant

      I have used them for years and never a problem. I check out the seller's statistics before I bid.
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      AAFES Exchange privileges for Honorably Discharged Veterans

      Took 5 minutes for confirmation. Thanks for the tip!
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      WTB: Ruger SR22

      WTB Ruger SR22
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      whole house generators, who has/had one?

      I have a Cummins Onan NG air-cooled installed in 2007. Very happy. Transfer switch sold me. Quiet. The motor is Briggs & Stratton.
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      WTB: WTB Rock Island 1911 .22TCM A2

      Ria- 1911 .22tcm a2
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      Pocket Guns.

      42 Glock with Streamlight lazer and light, no problem at all.
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      Semi-Auto .22 Mag Rifles?

      Marlin made one in early- mid 90's (?). I have one and I see them on gun broker every now and then. Mine is great. But with .17, hard to go back to .22 mag.
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      Hunting Camp / Storm Shelter School Bus Conversion

      We pulled one deep into the Cat Island swamp years ago, no easy task. In December 1973 it flooded and was under 18 feet of water. When the water went down there was 1/2 inch of mud coating everything inside. But we cleaned it out and used it a few more years. Pulled a "Swat" truck along side...
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      M1 Carbine .. For those of you who ---

      So every one has a bayonet lug, huh? Did any come without and you added? Very nice collection, thanks for the picture. I have two SP's. Have father's SN from WWII and it was SP- Pacific theatre, from two pictures can't tell if it has bayonet lug but some didn't, I think. Thanks
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      Hebert Guns - High Prices?

      Hebert's has always been nice to me and good pricing too. I just bought a Kahr CW40 for a gift for a friend from them, noone else in town had one. Nice to deal with, for years, not just the other day either.
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      WTB: Ruger Single Nine

      WTB- Ruger Single Nine
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      WTB: M-1 Carbine Standard Products

      Baton Rouge
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      WTB: Kahr CW40

      Baton Rouge
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